Planning for the integration with other services & platforms

This deliverable consists of the technical report from task 4.1 "Compute and Analysis" on the integration of B2-services and object storage services, and from task 4.4 "Sensitive Data" on the design of the sensitive data workflow.

Pilots for the integration with other services & platforms

This deliverable includes the pilot use cases for the integration of data services with computing platforms of T4.1 the integration of the integrity check for PIDs of T4.2 the long-term preservatio


Training Program

This document includes the inventory of the existing training material related to data storage and management solutions, identifies the gaps and defines the activities and the strategy that will be put in place to fill those training gaps and maximise the uptake of the DICE services.

Outreach, Communications and Dissemination Plan

The document defines the marketing, communication & dissemination strategy and the activities that will be carried out during the project to steer the DICE users’ engagement.


First periodic report on operations

The deliverable explains four main tasks of the DICE work package Federated Service Management: the general operations coordination, helpdesk management, order management and informati