The services offered through DICE can be categorised as

Personal/project workspaces

Data archives

Policy-based data archives

Data repository

Data discovery


Provide via the EOSC Portal state-of-the-art data services and significant capacity


Increase the storage resources available to researchers
by scaling-out the EOSC Portal

Enhance the data management service provisioning to cover
the whole research data lifecycle

Service provisioning fully interoperable with the EOSC core

Integration of DICE offered data services with community platforms


Engage research communities in the exploitation
of DICE services

Advance community platforms with data services
offered through DICE

Provide support for the management of sensitive data


Scale up the EOSC Portal

Provide scientific communities across Europe with state-of-the-art services

Facilitate Open Science practices across the research community


Foster synergies between pan-European e-infrastructures operator

Support the collaboration in data provision and exchange across infrastructures

Incentivise institutional and public actors to open up their services and resources to researchers


Building a cloud-based hub for all things research

Building a cloud-based hub for all things research

EOSC-Hub is providing streamlined access to the most important resources and services needed by data-driven European researchers and innovators.

Newsletter #2 - June 2021

Newsletter #2 - June 2021

Read our second DICE newsletter, featuring the upcoming activities, the latest news related to the project and an interview with Timothy Shimwell f

Interview with Timothy Shimwell (ASTRON)

Interview with Timothy Shimwell (ASTRON)

We recently interviewed Timothy Shimwell of ASTRON who is involved in making radio astronomy data products from the LOFAR telescope available through DICE.